How it works

How it works your style

Create a Style Profile

Complete a questionnaire - tell us about your kid's style, size and what they need.

How it works your style

Your Stylist Gets To Work

We prepare a collection of outfits, mix and match pieces from unique European brands.

How it works your style

Shop your Box of The speech bubble from ShortStitch's Boxes of YAY!

Take up to 10 days to try everything on and make your selection. Enjoy stress free shopping at home.

How it works your style

Request a Return

Delivery and return is complimentary. Use a local drop off, or request a collection. Pay only for the items you keep.

TWo kids opening Boxes of YAY!

Boxes of The speech bubble from ShortStitch's Boxes of YAY!

A selection of the season's sharpest threads delivered to your door.

Once registered - our experts pick what will best suit your kid's taste and personal style. The selections are prepared as ready to wear outfits, or you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

I received my first Box of YAY, and I'm totally besotted with all the pieces chosen for the girls.
- Kate (Richmond)

Our shopping service includes complimentary delivery and collection. Your kids will want to unpack their new wardrobe the second it lands on the mat.

ShortStitch Boxes Of Yay Boys


Unique brands from across Europe.

Quality, comfort and attention to detail are at the heart of everything ShortStitch does - our buyers know this and so do our unique partner brands.

Our prices are never more than the recommended.

  T-Shirts between £20 and £40.
  Knits between £50 and £90.
  Jackets between £75 and £125.

Learn why we love our brands by selecting their logos.

ShortStitch Boxes Of Yay Girls

The Benefits

Shopping made easy, fashionable and fun.

You want your family to look fab – and so do we. Our expert stylists are on hand to discuss your family’s needs.

This service saved me time and opened my eyes to new brands.
- Anne-Marie (Willesden Green)

Give us a call, drop us an email – our lines are always open. It is this personal service which transforms an ordinary item of post into a ShortStitch Box of The speech bubble from ShortStitch's Boxes of YAY!.

Two boys holding up YAY speech bubble

I need a Box of The speech bubble from ShortStitch's Boxes of YAY!

Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home.

Get started with our fun style questionnaire. It is easy and takes less than five minutes!

Once complete we will be ready to dispatch anywhere in the UK within a day or two. It’s off the peg, into the box and onto the hanger.

Not in the UK? We offer Styling by ShortStitch. We will prepare a selection of clothing for you in a personal photo gallery for you to browse.